Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When I visited Frank O'Barski in the hospital, I wanted to get him to laugh, so I told him to "Live Long and Fester.

My command in the USAF

When I took my Army physical, I also got my first command. The Private who gave me my papers also gave me the records for seven other Air Force recruits, and he complimented me on my entrance exam grades 99th percentile in all areas except administration, where I only scored 80th percentile. We were headed to San Antonio but a situation occurred when we were set to switch planes in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The attendant told me that we were all bumped from the airline (Ozark), and had to wait about four hours to get a plane to San Antonio. I immediately remembered the Airline evaluation Service sheet. I pulled it out and started filling it out in front of the employee. When I got to the part to identify him, he called his supervisor and said, "deep shit problem." They didn't want to piss off the U.S. Air Force.

We all got on the next flight to San Antonio. Dale White and I got First Class seats. One recruit was was deathly afraid of flying. I told him he'd be declared AWOL if I showed up without him at Lackland Air Force Base. I guessed that he preferred Air Force duty to riding around in a Swift Boat in the Mekong Delta, so he closed his eyes and came aboard

And that was my only command in the USAF. After the first medical exam in the USAF, the doctor asked me, "How did you get in here?" I replied, "US Army physical in Chicago." They shipped me home.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pain management request

I sent the following message to my pain management doctor after discussing access to the Illinois Medical Cannabis Program. As you will see, this is not a "nastygram," but borders on it.

Letter to doctor:

During our meeting last week, when I brought up the topic of medical cannabis it seems that you immediately decided that I was seeking access to THC to become "stoned," and you didn't branch out to the topic of cannabidiol, or CBD. This component of cannabis has medical uses that include treatment of chronic pain. I didn't respond with this argument at the time because I was waiting to see if you would breach the topic. The reason that I would like to access medical cannabis is that there is a quality control requirement involved in state and FDA approval of medicines; "street" access to cannabis does not have any quality measurement. Accurate analysis of cannabis can show percentages of CBD and THC, and properly screened drugs can be used in a controlled manner. My searches into uses of CBD indicate that it may have a positive effect on my pain, and analysis can find products with less than 0.3% THC and up to 24% CBD. I think this is a valid avenue to examine.

The politicians and drug warriors want to keep anything illegal for their own purposes, which include keeping our prisons full and single molecule medicines highly profitable.

I'm not interested in getting "loaded." I want to control the pain. Look into CBD please.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Music works

I had a great practice the other night with Glenn, Dan, and Patrick in Aurora. I have to remember my ear plugs, though. When I started playing my Ibanez BTB, it hurt, then I remembered that one of my students changed the strap to fit her body. Changed it back and played the 35" scale bass for a few hours, but even the length caused pain.

Patrick helped me whenever I needed to do something with the bass, and also helped me get my stuff out of his basement; a great drummer and friend.

Playing Sunday for a small set at the Elbo Room in Chicago to push Album #2. If you want a copy, wait until we're back in town since it costs more to drive there than to wait.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Not waiting, but watching

Results: The area removed from your upper back returned as a seborrheic keratosis, which is a benign(not cancerous) skin growth that occurs with the natural aging process. This diagnosis means no further treatment is needed at this time.

We sezz, "Yay!"


No news from the doctor. I've got too much going on. I'll be Bach.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

I really fucked up more than once

Sorry about the title, but I'm really upset about interactions I had with at least a few people.

When I was kicked out of Murphysboro High School, I should have told the person who demanded that I exit my class (as a paying student from SIU) to tell the fucking principal to come and tell me his illegal complaint in front of the teacher and students. He would not have lasted another month. I did not want to win; I wanted him to throw himself into the volcano.

Dr. John Gillespie tried to drag Dad (William Alcott Savory) down in a ridiculous argument about what Dad could do as an engineer. Gillespie was an expert in heart room design, and said he could tell Dad what Dad could do. Not good; Dad just responded, "tell me what you want, and I'll tell you if it's possible!" Next, I had just completed my BS in Occupational Education, and Gillespie turned to me. After a bunch of really stupid, even Junior High School, verbal assaults, I told him, "I can beat the shit out of you - metaphysically." He went really stupid, demanding, "define metaphysically" which I refused to do. I had already done it and got him wound up like an air raid siren. The only problem left was his demand to engage in a physical confrontation. Kat and I left the house. I could have killed him, but it wasn't a good idea to engage an idiot, even though he was highly regarded.

I was in between being a forceful and benevolent person. Lately, I only learned that I could be both.

At least Gillespie didn't point a gun at us.